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Pizza Hut


December 29, 2017

Pizza Hut

Making pizza sexy online.

4 years, 300 photo shoots, and 1000s of pizzas produced 36 million followers and massive social authority.

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During our founder's work at Pizza Hut, she led the Digital Engagement (aka social + social ads) team on their creative efforts. This period of time reflects Pizza Hut's largest growth period in followers, engagement, online customer opt-ins and viral publicity features. It's safe to say that taking a global brand from 75k followers online to over 36 million across all platforms over the course of a few years is rather insane but that's just what was done.

The work was not only focused on photo shoots for social content but also centered around viral worthy social advertising, long-form videos for YouTube and aligning with the right influencer partners to scale awareness and brand affinity fast.

We're humbled by these accomplishments and have replicated these efforts across our other clients and projects since Natasha's departure from Pizza Hut's staff.

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"We simply wouldn't have grown as quickly or gained as much viral attention if it weren't for your passion and true digital awareness."
The Digital Engagement Team
Pizza Hut

Our approach

With Pizza Hut, the approach was to hone in on internet culture through social content, comedic influencers, and trend-based advertising strategies. When a company is for everyone, you have become the most liked brand in the room and that means taking conversational risks.


We build a complete visual identity that not only reflects the brand values but speaks to their ideal customers across the internet.

Content creation

We then create trend-based content with the strict purpose of aiming to have every asset go viral on social and on ads.

Influencer partnerships

We partner with influencers that range from micro to macro that co-create with us and build massive awareness for the brand.


Then we layer all these sweet pieces together with fast direct-response ads on socials that motivate action fast.
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