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February 28, 2019


Creating a steezy fashion brand based on magick.

One full year of branding and advertising a hypebeast fashion brand that led to 400k in online sales.

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The Evalesco team really wanted to create a fashion. brand that not only attracted the metaphysical community but also the hype-beast streetwear community. This was an enlightening and exciting launch for us and our team not only supported the brand in building their brand identity, but we also created their website, merch designs, social content and helped them go viral on instagram on various occasions. Over the course of our year working with the brand we aided in them amassing over $400,000 in sales. Once the pandemic hit they decided to shut down operations and refocus their efforts but this will forever be one of our favorite projects.

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"Our advertising campaigns with Austere made a huge difference in how we understood our customers and helped us finally break the 30k/m sales ceiling we were stuck at. Highly recommend this team."
Carson Shaka

Our approach



We build a complete visual identity that not only reflects the brand values but speaks to their ideal customers across the internet.

Content creation

We then create trend-based content with the strict purpose of aiming to have every asset go viral on social and on ads.

Social marketing

Lastly these puppies get sent into the world through social media. This helps articulate the new products in an organic and inspiring way to convert sales without being pushy.


Then we layer all these sweet pieces together with fast direct-response ads on socials that motivate action fast.
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