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May 29, 2020


Launching a CBD flower brand with a SoCal vibe

Our team branded this company from top to bottom to educate and attract CBD smokers

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BreezyBud approached us at the very early stages of an idea. They knew they wanted to create a digital brand around CBD flower and asked us to help them build a digital brand identity, website and social content. We absolutely love working with wellness and cannabis brands so we knew exactly how we wanted to articulate just how "breezy" cbd flower could be. The branding became a light-hearted yet educational aesthetic with a true California sunshine vibe. We leaned into the zen side of things on this brand.

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As a startup, we were very cautious about which partners we'd want to work with in launching and branding this company but we've had the best possible experience with Austere. This team has treated our company with the same care and attention as if it were their own.
Jeremy Lack, Founder

Our approach



We build a complete visual identity that not only reflects the brand values but speaks to their ideal customers across the internet.

Content Creation

We then create trend-based content with the strict purpose of aiming to have every asset go viral on social and on ads.


Then we layer all these sweet pieces together with fast direct-response ads on socials that motivate action fast.

Social marketing

Lastly these puppies get sent into the world through social media. This helps articulate the new products in an organic and inspiring way to convert sales without being pushy.
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