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Led by founder Natasha Brito, former Head of Digital Engagement Creative at Pizza Hut US and Creative Director at Sony Music Entertainment, Austere is a coast to coast team of passionate and thought-provoking creators and marketers. Together we develop air-tight strategies that convert fast and engaging campaigns to scale lifestyle brands online.

Our core values are the heart and soul of our company and the reason hundreds of well-known companies trust us with their ads, marketing and social accounts.
We see our client's company's as our own. We treat them like gold.
When we notice something needs changing, we take action fast.
We never stop looking for ways to improve our client results.
Each month we aspire to outperform the month before.
You're passionate about your business. You know it like the back of your hand. We're passionate about making businesses like yours become house-hold names.

We know the process to make that happen like the back of our hand. We'd make for a beautiful partnership. Reach out and let's discuss how we can get started!
Founder, CEO

Natasha Brito

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Brand Strategist

Andrea Badder

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Art Director

Will Schlesinger

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Media Buyer

Areeb Sardar

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Content Creator

Lea McNamara

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Social Strategist

Ferolino Ycong

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Lead Copywriter

Mario Sofroniou

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Brand Advisor

Ahmed Zedan

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